01 December 2009

Logo Design for Ashton Oakes Photography

So, I have been long meaning to blog about this client, but we are still in the process of completing all of the designs she has ordered and I wanted to wait. However, the time has come and here goes. I was contacted one night through my "sweetpeadesignsbylindsay" website and was asked to design a logo for Ashton. I have had the best time working with Ashton and I have also gotten the chance to work with her boyfriend who owns a farm. I designed a logo for him as well! Below are the images I have created for them. Take a look! I love them all, and I'm so happy they love them too! Ashton, you are a wonderful soul, and you are very fun to work with. I look forward to our future creations to give you that perfect professional look you have always dreamed about! Thank for your this amazing opportunity!

Here is her Blog Header:

Here is her Logo:

She also bought a Business Card Design from me, a Window Decal Design, and a Car Magnet Design. All designs included her logo with her personal information. This was a very fun project!

Also below is the logo I created for her boyfriend's farm. I had so much fun with this even though I have never created anything for a farm before!

Her Boyfriends Logo:

I wish them both the very best of luck with both of their businesses!

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