25 November 2009

Banner for Johnette's Creations

Recently on ETSY I placed a bid on an Alchemy request for a banner. I said in my bid to look at my shops banner to see if she liked it. Well they did love it, and accepted my bid to create their shop banner. I was so thrilled. They asked for something bi-gender looking, and for something simple. They did not want anything too busy! Well this is what I came up with. I also designed a matching avatar as well! Thank you Jeanette for allowing me to work with you. I hope everything goes well with you and your shop on ETSY. Check out their stuff. They have the cutest baby stuff and more!

Banner for Johnette's Creations:

Again, I really enjoyed this working experience!

AiDEN CoopeR Designs

Logo Design for Whitney Ralson Photography

So I had the opportunity to work with Whitney Ralson Photography, a photographer from the Decatur, AL area. She had seen a logo I design for Ferguson Photography and asked that I show her some samples of logos. After showing her samples, Whitney sent me an example of what she wanted and I designed away. She also had me do her business card! I had the best time working with her, and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future if she needs graphic design work! Her photography work is amazing, and you should definitely check her out.


Below are the designs I created for her:

{the logo}

{the front of the business card}

{the back of the business card}

Again, I had the best experience working with Whitney! I wish her the best of luck in the future with her photography business.


AiDEN CoopeR Designs

22 November 2009

New Name, New Blog...SO Excited!

So for those of you who knew us as Sweet Pea Designs by Lindsay, I now introduce my business as AiDEN CoopeR Designs. I am so excited about the name change! Why did I change the name? Well, long story short whenever you "Google" Sweet Pea Designs, there are so many "Sweet Pea" businesses that I wanted something different. A name that no one else has. I wanted something sentimental and meaningful so I went with AiDEN CoopeR Designs. As most of you know, I am a mommy to two wonderful boys. My children are the best things in the world to me, they are truly the light or my life. So, I took their middle names Aiden and Cooper and I began my business AiDEN CoopeR Designs! So that covers the "new business name" subject.

Now, about the new blog!!!! As you can see, it is so super cute, elegant, simple, and exactly the look we wanted. I am so thrilled with the blog! Now, I have never been known to be a blogger, but just by having a super cute blog, it makes me want to blog all of the time! I know you guys want to know who designs my blog and you guys should all know exactly who did the design. I got my design done from a fellow Etsian. Chic & Simple Custom Blog Designs is responsible for this fabulous blog design. The customer service was super great, and the turn around time was super fast, and the price of the blog was super cheap. It's always so wonderful to get great designs for cheap, however, it does NOT look cheap! All of you should check them out at www.chicandsimpleblogs.com. Thank you Thanita for everything! I will definitely be working with you again!

So finally, I guess you could say that AiDEN CoopeR Designs is super excited about all of the new things going on! Thank you all who have invested your time and money into AiDEN CoopeR Designs, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays and God bless!

Love love love,
AiDEN Cooper Designs